The 2018 liturgical year ended on the Feast of Christ the King, with Archbishop Vigneron officially installing

Fr. Libor as the Pastor of Ss. Cyril & Methodius Parish.


To thank Fr. Libor for his service to our Parish, and also to support him along the way,

we are preparing a Spiritual Bouquet of a Rosary for his intentions each day of 2019.


We need at least one person or family per day.

You, either alone or with your family, can choose a day during the year to pray one rosary for Fr. Libor.

If you would like to be included in this Spiritual Bouquet, please register your name on the form above.

 Your name will be added to the calendar.

Thank you for praying for Father Libor’s intentions!


(Calendar for Available Days)


Questions or Comments please contact:



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before we add more than one name to a single date.

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We need all dates filled before we add more names on a single date.

Once all dates are filled, we will accept more names per date.

The Date(s) will be listed in the order they were received.

If your date has been filled, you will get a email asking you to pick again.

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Sign up Forms are available at the

Parrish Office 586-726-6911, but On-Line is the best way, Please help those with out a computer.

Only 10 more available days in February