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Talks and Missions


Fr Luigi  July 15, 2012 Readings, Gospel, Homily

Listen to Zachary King from Satan to Jesus, A dynamic testimony of the Mercy of God and the power of Our Lady's intercession.


Due to length they are in two parts   PART 1       PART 2

Father Luigi Gabris

"The Second Name of Love is Mercy"

October 17-19 2016 Mission


October 17, "Act Justly"   41 minutes


October 18, "Love Mercy"  49 minutes


October 19, "Walk Humbly"

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Alpha 2017 Talks

January 10 - March 21


Fr. Jim Lowe, Fr. Ben Kosnac, Dcn. Steve Mitchell, Kathleen Lindemann,

Mary Wilkerson, Bobby Hesley, Alejandra Correa, Jackie Allor



January 10,      Fr. Jim Lowe, "Is there more to life than this?"

January 17,      Fr. Jim Lowe, "Who is Jesus?"

January 24,     Bobby Hesley, “Why did Jesus die?”

January 31,      Mary Wilkerson,  "How can I have faith?"


Available Soon

February 7,     Kathleen Lindemann, "Why and How do I pray?" February 21st

February 14,   Alejandra Correa, “Why and How Should I Read the Bible?” February 28th


Upcoming Talks

February 21,    Kathleen Lindemann, "How does God guide us?"

February 25,  Saturday - Retreat all day. Fr. Jim Lowe, "Who is the Holy Spirit?" "How does He work in us?"

February 28,   Bobby Hesley, "How can I resist Evil?"

March 7,          Dcn. Steve Mitchell, "Why and How should I tell others?"

March 14,        Jackie Allor, "Does God heal today?"

March 21,         Fr. Ben, "Why Church?" "Why Catholic?"