Fr Libor, Fr Luigi, Fr Ronan Murphy, Fr Ben Luedtke


Journey into the Heart of Jesus, Alpha, UnBound, Zachery King, Paco Gavrilides























Talks and Missions

Listen to Zachary King from Satan to Jesus, A dynamic testimony of the Mercy of God and the power of Our Lady's intercession.


Due to length they are in two parts   PART 1       PART 2

Father Luigi Gabris

"The Second Name of Love is Mercy"

October 17-19 2016 Mission


October 17, "Act Justly"   41 minutes


October 18, "Love Mercy"  49 minutes


October 19, "Walk Humbly"

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Our Lady of Fatima  100th Anniversary Celebration

“Fatima: Heaven’s Solution for our Times”  with Father Ronan Murphy

Saturday October 7 9:00am Mass, Gospel and Homily

First Talk "The Sword that Slays Dragons”

Second Talk: “Fatima: Heaven’s Solution for our Times”

Hope for Addicts and Their Families


Fr. Bill, The Church, Spirituality and Addictions (Not available yet)


Bethany, Healing the Heart and Spirit in Recovery


Paul Ray


John,  Family Support and Forgiveness in the Healing Process