In Honor of Our Blessed Mother

 May 7, at the 10:00AM Holy Mass, we honored Our Blessed Mother with our annual May Crowning. A spiritual bouquet to all the many parishioners whose helping hands assisted in making this a memorable tribute to Our Heavenly Mother.

Our appreciation to the Rosary Society and Legion of Mary for continuing their tradition of assisting us by exemplifying dignity and honor to Our Lord’s Mother. The colorful procession also included the Religious Education Students, Homeschool Students, and the First Communicants as the Children of Mary. This year’s Confirmation students composed the Crowning Court.


















Those participating included:

Crowner: Anjelina Dushaj

Pillow Bearer: Elizabeth Scarchilli

Rosary: Megan Vitale

Scapular: Sophia Propson

Candle: Christine Truong



Court & Honor Guard:

Leo Abate, Megan Alindogan, Anna Blaski, Emily Bolda, Jeremy Cabrera

Kristan Paul Caoagas, Brent Charrette, Stephen Czach, Matthew Demeniuk

Mary Docken, Gabriel Dresen, Natalie Edmunds, David Eusebio, Brian Evans

Nathan Freundl, Layla Genna, Sebastian Gorvokaj, Monica Hill, Joseph Honce

Anthony Hudson, Anthony Kehrig, Joseph Lawler, Monica Lukomski

Marta Lulgjuraj, Alexander Manczuk, Isabelle Martin, Haley McCarty

Grace McNeill, Ryan Meldrum, Ailish Newell, Andew Nguyen, Aidan O’Brien

Luke Pogasic, David Potter, Erin Potvin, Christian Roginski, Antonio Santoro

Faith Simon, Michael Szczerba, Daniel Teper, Marigrazia Tocco, Renata Trujillo

Anthony Varchetti, Gina Marie Vitale, and Kylee Winiarski



May Crowning Essays

This year, we had many essays submitted by the young ladies of the Confirmation Class about “Why would I like to crown the Blessed Mother?” The May Crowning Court is determined based on these essays. Every essay was heart-felt and beautiful, making it a very difficult decision. Our priests, deacons and several parishioners were asked to rate the “anonymous” essays.
























May Crowning Essay  *   In Honor of Our Blessed Mother

Why Would I Like to Crown the Blessed Mother?


Sophie Propson, Scapular Bearer

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God, My Savior, for he has looked with favor on his lowly servant.” The Blessed Mother spoke these words at the Annunciation, and it became a beautiful prayer to commemorate her fiat.  This prayer is my favorite way to praise Mary for her acceptance and her sacrifice.  She has always been my mother, in good times and bad, and she wraps her arms around me and drapes me in her mantle of love.  She said yes to God, just as I try to do every day.  Her yes becomes my yes, and I look to her to help me say it.  Mary will never leave me, and loves me infinitely. I will never deserve that love, and there are probably girls who deserve to crown the Blessed Mother more than I do. But it would be such a privilege and an act of thanks to go to her, to honor her with the crown she deserves.  Mary will be beside me every step I take in this life, and how better to show gratitude and love than by coming to her, open armed, with my yes to God.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christine Truong, Candle Bearer

I believe I should crown Mother Mary because, I feel like I have a very strong connection with her.  Fourteen years ago, my grandma was watching my older brother and me.  I was three months old and by brother was two.  While my grandma was carrying me, my brother hit my grandma’s leg with a bike on accident, which made her drop me.  When I fell, my head hit the air vent, which caused internal   bleeding in my brain.  One of the surgeons said, give him a few hours because if they rushed me to   surgery, I had a high rate of dying.  That night, the surgeon came to check on me. All the bleeding stopped; I was perfectly fine.  The doctors said it was a “miracle” but I know it was Mary who saved me.  As I started to grow up, I always prayed to Mother Mary.  I can truly talk to her about anything, and I know she’s there to listen.  I believe I should crown Mary because she saved me, she helped me   become who I am today, and I couldn’t be more thankful.



 Anjelina Dushaj

Elizabeth Scarchilli

 Sophia  Propson

 Christine Truong

Megan Vitale