Wednesday Lenten Reflections with Fr. Libor








Lent, as a time leading to the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus, provides a great opportunity to reflect on one’s life. The goal of the Lenten Reflections is to celebrate Jesus not as a pure object of our devotion, but as someone who touches and transforms our lives.

As content of this personal preparation, I will offer a series of Lenten Reflections that focus on chosen passages from the biblical book of the prophet Jeremiah. It is his personal, tragic experience of preaching to his own people and being rejected that make him a precursor of Jesus – a link well perceived by liturgy, scriptural interpretation, and the Church’s devotion. My reflections will focus on passages dealing with Jeremiah’s experiences that forge his identity. Fr. Libor

The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed during each 30—minute talk.

Talk begins at 6:00PM. Benediction at 7:15PM.

Questions, please contact the Parish Office, (586) 726-6911

The topics will be as follows:

March 8: “The Potter’s Vessel-Personal Identity” (Jer 18:1-12)

March 15: “God’s Anger-Jeremiah’s Experience with God” (Jer 13:12-17)

March 22: “The Vocation of Jeremiah-Recollection of the Beginnings” (Jer 1:4-19)

March 29: “The Suffering of Jeremiah-The Drama of Life” (Jer 36-38)











The best way of getting into the heart of someone you love is to get to know them intimately by learning everything you can about them. St. Augustine once said “understanding must precede love, for one cannot love what he does not understand.”

Our relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ is no different.

As a parish we are striving during the first year of our four-year parish vision and mission to KNOW, LOVE, AND SERVE Jesus.

Starting in April during the “Year of Jesus” at Ss. Cyril & Methodius, we invite you to join us once a month on Wednesday night at 6:30PM in the church as we take a 9-month journey as a parish into the Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The events will be emceed by Bobby Hesley. Each month a speaker will teach on a topic that will increase your knowledge and devotion to Jesus.

Each of the topics are based on Jesus-centered devotions. These will be wonderful opportunities to learn more about Jesus and how you can increase your intimacy with Him through various Catholic devotions while having your Holy Hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament!

The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed during each brief 30-40 minute talk followed by Benediction at 7:15PM. Questions, please contact the Parish Office, (586) 726-6911.

The monthly topics will be as follows:

April 5: Stations of the Cross - Stations of the Light

May 17: Eucharistic Adoration

June 14: Eucharistic Saints

June 21: Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and 12 Promises

July 12: Divine Mercy

August 9: Holy Name of Jesus – Holy Face

September 6: Scripture: How the Word of God Reveals the Incarnate Word

October 18: Encountering Christ in the Rosary

November 15: Jesus Christ the King - Jesus Christ, Priest & Victim



St. Ignatius throughout the Spiritual Exercises suggests that we prepare ourselves before we enter into a specific exercise. He suggests preparing the night before: “After retiring, just before falling asleep, for the space of a Hail Mary, I will think of the hour when I have to rise, and why I am rising, and briefly sum up the exercise I have to go through” (Puhl SE#73).

The preparation before prayer is important. It allows us to physically carve out space in our day for prayer, and it allows our minds to be mentally ready for prayer. As Lent approaches, the same idea of preparation that St. Ignatius suggests can be helpful in our preparation for Lent.

 Have we physically set aside a prayer space for our Lenten journey?

 What time of day will we pray during Lent?

What are the “exercises” or prayer methods we will be using during Lent?

In our preparatory prayer during the Spiritual Exercises, we pray for specific graces. What is the grace we desire to deepen within us during Lent?

 To deepen our understanding of Jesus’ Passion?

 To walk with Jesus through his Passion and Resurrection?

 To work on overcoming a temptation that keeps us from fully entering into life with Christ?

To foster a new spiritual practice to ignite or inflame our relationship with Jesus?

In these last few days before Lent begins, I invite us to begin our preparatory prayer. We can turn to Jesus and ask, “What is the grace you desire to deepen within me over these next 40 days?”

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