FESTIVAL NEWS * SAVE THE DATES: Friday - Sunday, August 24, 25 & 26


Inquiries and questions; please contact: John Fournier, Festival Planning, (248) 410-5866 or j4nier58@gmail.com

Festival Booklet - Advertising Deadline July 30

The Advertising Committee for the church’s 100th Anniversary Celebration is now soliciting ads for the parish’s Festival Program Booklet. The ads for the four-color booklet come in 1/4, 1/2, and fullpage sizes (final booklet size 8.5” x 5.5”). In addition, the committee will take orders for banners which will be hung in the Parish Festival grand tent. Sizes start at 4 ft. x 3 ft. If you are a business owner, parishioner, friend, or benefactor, the committee would love to hear from you! Ads may be congratulatory or business in nature. Ad artwork must be in PDF format and received not later than July 30. Ad positioning within the booklet is on a first come-first served basis.

Inquire about ad or banner pricing to: Frances Schena, (586) 381-1128 or by email: francesschena@att.net


Festival Raffle

Next Early Bird Drawing is NEXT SUNDAY * July 29 for $200!

Please continue to turn in your sold ticket stubs and monies for a chance to win $200 at the Early Bird Drawing next Sunday, July 29. Tickets for the Early-Bird Drawing must be received in the Parish Office by Friday, July 27, 5:00PM. Remember: The winning ticket

does go back in the drum for the final drawing on Sunday of the festival weekend. The 1st place prize at the festival is $5,000! Tickets are available in the parish office for anyone wishing to purchase tickets or needing additional tickets to sell. Thank you for your support.

Questions about the Festival Raffle, please contact: Karen Bove, (248) 709-9055 or kbove1@msn.com


Kids Tent for Festival * Games/Prizes Needed

Donations are needed for both the Kids Carnival Games Tent and the FREE Kids Area. Please bring your new toys to the church and place them in the marked boxes in the vestibule or gallery. It doesn’t need to cost an arm or a leg! Items should be priced at $1-$5 each. Anything from the games, toys, or crafts section will do. The following is a list of greatest wants from the kids: Chalk, Jump Ropes, Hula-hoops, Slinkys, Craft Kits, Stickers, Bubbles, Squirt Guns, Mini skateboards, Lego mini figures, Glow-in-the-Dark Sticks, Dress-up fairy wings, silly hats, foam swords, Action Figures, Race Cars, Inflatable Beach balls, pool toys. If in doubt, gift cards are always welcome. Gift cards should be delivered to the Parish Office.

Thank you for supporting our Parish and our Festival!

More information, please contact the Chairs: Chris & Monica Natzke, (248) 410-6373


FESTIVAL NEWS * Friday - Sunday, August 24, 25 & 26

Inquiries/Questions: John Fournier, Festival Planning, (248) 410-5866 or j4nier58@gmail.com

Festival Meeting * August 7 at 7:00PM

We are in the final planning stages of our Festival. Plan to come to our next Festival Meeting that takes

place on Tuesday, August 7, at 7:00PM to hear how the plans are progressing and how you can help make

this Festival the best one ever!


Our Festival is fast approaching. Your support is needed to make this fundraiser our best yet, in this centennial year of our

parish. Please continue to sell or buy the festival raffle tickets you received. Our 1st place prize on Sunday, August 26, is

$5,000! You may turn in your sold ticket stubs to the office or place them in the collection basket.

For anyone wishing to purchase tickets, or in need of additional tickets to sell, they are available in the parish office. Thank

you for your support! Questions about the Festival Raffle, please contact: Karen Bove, (248) 709-9055 or kbove1@msn.com