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Class Schedule


Wednesday, December 19 at 6:15PM:

Benediction for all students followed by Christmas Party for all classes in the parish hall.

Please drop your student off in the parish hall at 6:00PM on December 19.

As always, if you have any concerns, please call:

Paul or Carroll Schuller, Directors of Religious Education

(586) 254-9212 or



St. Nicholas Breakfast

Pictures from our wonderful St. Nicholas Breakfast that took place last week are now available:


Christmas Novena Holy Mass Cards are available (in Slovak and English) after all Holy Masses on weekends and in the Parish Office on weekdays between 10AM-5:30PM. The 9-day Novena begins December 26.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the most precious gift anyone can receive


Annual Cookie Walk * Saturday & Sunday, December 15 & 16

There are only 3 weeks until our Cookie Walk!

Have extra time now? Please, bake and freeze your cookies.

Tips for Freezing Baked Cookies

* All cookies should be frozen individually after they've cooled completely, meaning they should be placed on a baking

sheet, not touching, until frozen solid. (They can be frozen like this in layers separated by parchment, wax, or freezer


* All cookies should be stored in airtight containers (shallow is best so they don't get crushed) or bags.

* Freeze bar cookies in whole or large slabs, then just thaw and cut when serving.

* Iced or decorated cookies should be stored in layers, with parchment, wax, or freezer paper between the layers so that the decorations stay intact. If you can, however, freeze the baked cookies and ice them as needed.


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Defending The Faith

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Fr Ben Luedtke Holy Mass

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