Adoration 101

                                                                   with Paul Ray

Take Advantage of What You’ve Been Given


Assuming that those of you reading this article are baptized and confirmed Catholics, I ask you: do you realize the POWER you actually receive when receiving our Lord in the Holy Eucharist? Allow me to elaborate.

The moment you received the Sacrament of Baptism, whether as an infant or an adult, you were left with an indelible mark; a mark that says that you belong to God. Your baptism grafted you into the Body of Christ, the Church, and even more, it opened the door of your once “locked” soul to be able to have a relationship with God. You were once lost, but now you’re found.

Moreover, once you received the Sacrament of Confirmation you were sealed with the Holy Spirit. This means that you have given the Holy Spirit permission to live inside you and transform you. This transformation means that the Holy Spirit is there preparing you for heaven. He will give you the courage and strength (fortitude) to be able to live like Christ and to defend your faith with all boldness and confidence.

Now, after Baptism and Confirmation we are able to live the life that God created us to live. But how can we keep up the momentum when things get rough? … and they will. If you’re thinking the Eucharist you’re absolutely correct! You see, after Baptism and Confirmation we have the ability to receive God’s grace unobstructed. If sin gets in the way, confession gets rid of it and the Eucharist empowers us once again!

Our lives as Catholics need to be a continuous flow of grace so we can continue to do what God wants us to do. Here on earth, we’re preparing for our real home, heaven. We must keep the fire alive within our souls to get there and bring as many other people with us as we can. I cannot possibly emphasize how so important the Eucharist is! It is our strength when we can’t find it within ourselves the strength to continue. That’s the advantage of the sacraments you’ve received and continue to receive and NEVER take them for granted. Our immortal souls depend on it! –


Paul A. Ray