Adoration 101

                                                                   with Paul Ray

A Conversation with Jesus


Eucharistic Adoration can sometimes become routine; even for those of us who go regularly. For others, Eucharistic Adoration is awkward or intimidating; particularly for beginners and those new to the faith. We can lose focus of Who’s before us or fail to recognize and take hold of the grace that’s being offered to us because we don’t know how to tap into it.

Although praying vocal prayers (the Holy Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, etc.) are helpful, it misses out on something beautiful. The Church teaches that there are two types of prayer: Vocal and Mental. Vocal prayers consist in reciting written prayers composed by others. Mental prayer, among other things, consists in praying spontaneously whatever comes from your heart at that particular moment. It’s a conversation with God.

Adoration gives us a perfect opportunity to really talk to Jesus, and we must take advantage of this to gather as much fruit as we can. When we pray vocal prayers, which are indeed fruitful and powerful, we can oftentimes miss out on what God wants to tell us. For instance, imagine meeting with a good friend. How do you imagine they would feel if upon meeting you simply heaped praise and petition upon them without telling them about your day or sharing with them what’s on your heart? Never be afraid to approach Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament as you would your best friend who you confide in.

I usually begin with, “Jesus, thank you for this opportunity to come before You. Have mercy on me, a sinner” and then I proceed to simply talk to Him about everything that’s been going on in my life, remembering to pause from time-to-time and listen to see what it is He is saying back to me. Leave nothing hidden, tell Him everything and do not be ashamed, for He loves you no matter what. This builds a bond that cannot be broken, and through it we can begin to recognize how God operates in our lives because we become more accustomed to the movements of the Holy Spirit within our soul.

By all means, if you have the time during Adoration, both vocal and mental prayers are wonderful. But from what I’ve experienced, just having a good old conversation with almighty God like you would your best friend has been the most beneficial aspect of my relationship with Christ. ~ Paul A. Ray